Head Start Program

Our Head Start program in Waukesha County is a preschool program with a focus on early childhood development. Each classroom is taught by a degreed teacher using a curriculum based on your child’s individual needs, strengths, and interests. Each classroom with attached playground is designed to promote creativity. Our center is located in Waukesha. We have provided services to over 10,000 children and their families across Waukesha County.


Not only do we have degreed teachers, but we have several other specialists on staff, including a speech/language pathologist, family services staff, pediatric nurse, psychologist, commercially-licensed bus drivers, and bilingual/bicultural Spanish-speaking staff.

Health and Nutrition Programs

Meals and snacks are planned by a nutritionist and prepared by our talented chef and nutrition staff. We don't repeat a lunch over an 8-week cycle. Yes, we really do serve 40 unique lunches every 8 weeks! The children eat family-style in the classroom with their teacher, and all meals and snacks are free. We also conduct free vision, hearing, height, and weight screenings.

Focus on Your Family

We believe parents are their children’s first and most important teachers. That’s why we offer:

  • Regular parent-teacher conferences.
  • Free family activity nights at the center.
  • Free family field trips.
  • Free weekly newsletters.
  • Free items to help stretch your dollars.
  • Free training opportunities for parents.


We provide free transportation (available in most areas) for your child to and from their Head Start classroom. There are two adults on each bus. Safety measures are set in place and include a cell phone on each bus.

Head Start in West Bend

Head Start in Washington County is provided by the West Bend School District. Call 262-335-5472 for more information.